Thursday, August 27, 2009

I miss my best friends. It's been a hard couple days, this continuing to be in my hometown once almost everyone else has left. Sure, I've kept busy by cleaning my room and by procrastinating cleaning my room, but this doesn't really change how lonely I've been feeling lately. It's difficult- to spend an entire summer, almost every spare minute, with four of the most amazing girls I may ever meet, and then all of a sudden* we are whisked to our separate colleges after an incredibly tough goodbye. Leaving me, feeling isolated in this tiny town I can't wait to escape. The loneliness wouldn't set in so much if I didn't have so much free time to think about it. I know that I'll still miss them at school, but at least I'll be meeting people and doing new things and this'll distract me.

I love them to death, and I've haven't felt this sad for a long time, mostly because of them buoying me up always. It's in their absence that I break down a little bit. But I'll love the texts, and emails, and facebook messages as we all move in our separate paths until we meet again. I couldn't wish for better best friends and I can't wait until we are all in the same place again.

*By "all of a sudden", I mean, of course, "even though I had all summer to prepare for it".

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Hate Vampires

This is a well-known fact to everyone who knows me well. I hate them and all media that overuse the idea of them. I hate them for a couple of different reasons, and here they come.

1. Stalking
This is perhaps my biggest irker. Remember when stalking was a bad thing? Back in the day, when a man stared at you, or watched you from outside your house, or appeared in your bedroom, and this was a cause for fear? Well, I remember. And to tell the whole truth, I'm a little concerned by how this seems to be a good reason to swoon as vampires become more mainstream. I guess the appeal of vampires is the extremeness of the bad boy theme. Girls fall for dangerous men, and it doesn't get much more dangerous than a guy who can vault through your bedroom window and really wants to kill you and drink your blood. Moving on.
2. "Protectiveness"
I am about to call out the Twilight series. Nothing against Stephenie Meyer, but I've read them, and I think they're awful.* And I could spend a long time detailing all the reasons why, but this is not a blog for that. Rather, this point is a large part of why I despise the main love interest of the Twilight saga, Edward, so wholeheartedly.
He does lots of tyranty-boyfriend stuff in the name of protecting Bella, the female lead. Things like keeping her from seeing certain friends because he thinks their dangerous. Or just as a general rule not allowing her to do things because he does not deem them safe enough, because, obviously, she is incapable of ever making her own decisions now that she has a vampire in her life.* Ahem.
3. Brooding and Sulking
The catalyst for this post was the HBO series True Blood, which a friend recommended to me and, when encountered with the ever-present "uh, I don't really do vampires," response, made it sound interesting enough to try it out. And it is interesting! But it also reminded me of how much I hate vampires, and I probably wouldn't continue watching if not for two faults in my personality; the first being my inability to stop anything in the middle without finding out how it ends, and the second being my unconscious need for something, anything to procrastinate being productive with.**
The main vampire is called Bill*** and while I like him much better than the aforementioned Edward, I am still not his biggest fan. He definitely is better about being overprotective, albeit perhaps a little condescending about giving his love, Sookie****, her independence. No, the main problem I have with Bill is the brooding.
I can forgive a little brooding. In fact, I kind of like it a little bit.***** But just because he is a vampire does not give him the right to sulk around everywhere, spouting off to anyone who will listen about how difficult his life is and how delicious everyone smells. WE GET IT. Life kind of sucks for you! You can't be out in the sunshine, you can't really make friends on account of you might eat them, and to top it all off, you can't have macaroni and cheese anymore! And that's awful! But you've had centuries to get over it, and frankly, everyone except your personality-devoid love interest (coughbellacough) is tired of hearing about it.
Hmm. Maybe they should just stay away from humans, just like I should stay away from vampire fiction. It only upsets me.
This blog had no purpose other than general complaining. But it scares me that vampire boyfriends are so popular, when any human boyfriend portrayed with the same characteristics would almost definitely be dropped for being borderline-abusive, clingy, or just plain obnoxious.

I'm probably overreacting. I've lost my main point, and also.... Hi, my name's Kaitlin, and I'm fickle and excitable******, and I'm going to go watch another episode of True Blood.

*Was that vindictive?
**In this case, the ever-looming deadline of Saturday, the day on which i will be moving into my college dorm, and so therefore the day by which i should have my tornado-hit room cleaned by and all my junk packed.
***Which is just kind of a silly name for a vampire and totally not foreign enough.
****It is super fun to hear a Southern vampire proclaiming, "Sook-ay is Miiiiiine!"
*****Ah, noncommitment.
******Funny story. Once, a friend was trying to explain how she had described me to someone, and happened to use the term "down-to-earth". Another friend, listening in, looked vaguely disbelieving and interjected, "you mean, excitable?"
Me neither!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Obligatory Concert Blog

This blog post has been boiling around in my head for quite a while. Sunday, July 19th, I attended a Wilco concert. In the days just after, I counted myself as still too excitable and dazed to objectively write the words reviewing it. Once the loving feeling died down, it felt a little too late and after the fact. About five minutes ago, I decided to suck it up and write it anyway.

Allow me to begin by saying that what got me on the path to this concert was a very rash decision that I would become the fan of a band with a rather foreboding back catalog of music to catch up on, for the opportunity to be in the same area as a certain depressed boy* I have set my affections on.
Fortunately for me, Wilco turned out to be a band that I could really get into, and would become one of my favorites. The Artpark concert is what truly solidified this. That mob mentality is contagious; it's difficult to be in a large crowd of diehard fans without becoming one yourself.

But to begin at the beginning.
When Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band came out, fifteen minutes early, the crowd cheered politely but did not stand. The band all wore sailor caps (which Conor later admitted were new and just recently bought) and were modestly lit; Conor didn't have a spotlight on him at all. Ali and I sighed our way through the set, creeping down on our love through binoculars that her parents had had the foresight to bring. The songs were much better live, perhaps because the band did not drown out Conor as much as it seems to in the recordings. Also, I am weirdly proud to say that Conor Oberst sounds just exactly the same live, voicewise. It's nice to know he's not changing himself at all. The very last song he played was enough to make us fall in love with him all over again, and also raid stores for lime green nail polish.
There was a short break in which the lawn section relaxed on the, well, lawn, and I said some very nonsensical things in a post-Conor daze.**
Then, the strains of a cheesy Price is Right intro began, and out ran who we came to see.
As I said before, there is nothing quite like a live performance to set your love for music in concrete. I liked Wilco before, but as soon as I heard these songs, both familiar and unfamiliar, reverberating through the ground and the stadium, I adored this band. Although I am not a regular concert-goer (something I would like to rectify as often as possible), it was plain to see that this was a quality performance. Being a newcomer, and only knowing three albums, there was enough songs that I could sing along to, and even during the ones I couldn't, I was never bored. The fan base was so tight that we could dance and bop with the best of them and not be looked at twice. There was air-guitarists, peacefully drunk men, and a mini-mosh pit, but the atmosphere was really friendly and easy-going. They played their well-loved tracks, a bunch of new songs, and came back for three encores. The audience got exactly what they payed for, and I can't imagine anyone regretted their purchase.
Go see Wilco if you get the chance. You will not regret it.***

*Let us ignore that Conor Oberst is going on 30.
**"We'll be like, 'our eyes are sore!' and he'll be like, 'yeah, well..... my leg's on fire!'" I know. I don't understand either.
***And if you can, go with a best friend. Memories and great music is a pretty hard combination to beat.