Friday, November 26, 2010

Goals for the Spring

1. Connect with people. Converse. Don't worry about impressions.
2. Be less afraid (to get lost, to know people, to not know people, to be alone)
3. Love and be loved.
4. Discover.
5. Cherish solitude, instead of wondering why I'm alone.
6. Don't feel embarrassed when life is not exciting.
7. Make life more exciting
8. Stop worrying about money. Or worry about it, but not to the point of guiltiness.
9. Feel comfortable in this fantastic instrument called a body.
10. Be more fashionable. Hats, boots, dresses, you know.
11. Write papers ahead of time.
12. Cut hair courageously short.
13. Photography
14. Write. For oneself, for the purpose of not forgetting, to record, for no reason, for posterity.
16. Read
17. Walk
18. Do crazy things with little to no regard to inhibitions and regrets.
19. Say yes more often than no; say love more often than hate.
20. Give wine a chance, maybe get a taste for it.
21. Have the time of my life.

T minus 49 days until I'm a student at Regents College, London, England. Fuck yes.